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The Androscoggin Food Co-op is on a mission to create a community owned, cooperative, full service grocery story with healthy food options for all in the Androscoggin Valley. Come join your friends and neighbors in making this happen by becoming a member-owner.

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What is a Food Co-op?

A co-op is a member-owned and member-controlled business. Co-ops are formed by people coming together for a common purpose. In the case of a food co-op, the purpose is to own and operate a local community grocery store.

Co-ops operate for the mutual benefit of all members. The cooperative form of business is one that brings the owners, controllers, and users of a business together into one group.

Member-Owners and Growing!
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About Us

The Androscoggin Food Co-op is currently in the member-owner recruitment phase of co-op development. We are your friends and neighbors, +300 households strong and growing, folks living in the Androscoggin Valley area who have come together to create a community-owned grocery store.

Get Involved

Interested in making the Androscoggin Food Co-op happen in the Berlin / Gorham area? Get involved by becoming a member-owner, spreading the word, and volunteering your time and skills if you can. Co-ops start with YOU.

Co-ops start with YOU.

A one-time equity investment of $200 (or eight payments of $25) gives you full membership and voting rights. Membership fees are the source for initial co-op funding, which can then be leveraged to raise all the capital needed to open our community grocery store.

Build a Co-op Community With Us.

Click on each of the photos to read why our member-owners decided to join the co-op!

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