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The Androscoggin Food Co-op exists to serve the community and its members.

While you will not have to be a member to shop at the co-op, your membership matters. It strengthens the cooperative, supporting its long-term success.

Membership also comes with benefits. As an Androscoggin Valley Food Co-op member-owner you support local economic development and community investment by:

  • Connecting residents to local farmers and food suppliers
  • Providing equitable access to affordable, fresh, healthy, and quality foods
  • Paying fair wages and offering benefits to employees

As a member-owner you also have a voice in co-op leadership and operations. It’s your co-op. APPLY ONLINE NOW!

You can also purchase a gift membership for someone you know who appreciates good, local food products and local store ownership. Complete the form with your name and payment, along with their contact information, and we’ll handle the rest. GIFT MEMBERSHIP!

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chart of steps according to member numbers
Numbers are approximate and vary from co-op to co-op.