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There are two payment options when becoming a member of the Androscoggin Food Co-op:

  • Full Payment (One-time equity investment now of $200, immediate voting rights)

  • Installment Payment (Eight payments of $25 (first now), voting rights only after final payment)

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What Happens After I Sign Up?

Get excited! Our team will reach out with confirmation and membership information shortly after your signup. Keep an eye out for an email from Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well!

AFC Member-Owner Sign Up

So... you've decided to join your neighbors in bringing fresh, local food the the Androscoggin Valley. THANK YOU! Please complete this form to tell us about yourself and to make your equity payment.

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Patronage dividends, voting privileges, and the ability to request changes to my account are tied to the Primary Member-Owner of the account only. Voting privileges are only available to Primary Member-Owners when their equity has been paid in full.
Member-Owners are responsible for maintaining an active membership in good standing. An “active membership in good standing” requires: 1) equity payments are current or paid in full; and 2) all contact information is current. If my membership is not active and in good standing for more than two consecutive years and the co-op is unable to contact me, my membership will be subject to forfeiture.
The rights and responsibilities required of me as a Primary (Voting) Member-Owner of this co-op, are outlined in the Co-op's bylaws. See text below...
2.12 Responsibilities of Members. Members shall abide by the CO-OP’s certificate of organization, its bylaws, its rules and regulations, and by decisions of the membership and the Board of Directors. To maintain active membership, members shall be required to meet capital requirements set by the Board from time to time, and, once the store is open, to make a purchase from the CO-OP within any twelve (12) month period. Members shall inform the CO-OP manager of any changes of name, address (which term shall include e-mail address) or other contact information. Membership capital may be paid in one payment, or in payments as set by the Board. A member is considered active and in good standing when the full amount of the capital requirement is paid or is being paid over a period of time provided that payments are made and up-to-date. A member who upholds these responsibilities is considered an active member in good standing.
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For pay by mail option: Please make checks payable to Androscoggin Food Co-op and mail to PO Box 430, Berlin, NH 03570
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American Express
Supported Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa