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Thanks for your interest in becoming a member-owner of our community-owned grocery store!

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There are two payment options when becoming a member of the Androscoggin Food Co-op:


Full Payment (One-time payment now of $200, immediate voting rights)

Installment Payment (Eight payments of $25 (first now), voting rights only after final payment)

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I SIGN UP?  Get excited! Our team will reach out with confirmation and membership information within 48 hours of your signup. Keep an eye out for an email from Make sure to follow us on Facebook as well!

Whether you wish to pay in full today or opt for installment payments, you must first enter the information requested below, and click the large blue SUBMIT button. If you are paying today, this will take you to PayPal, where you can pay with any valid credit card or PayPal account if you have one.
If you choose to pay by mail, please complete the form, click submit, then send a check for the appropriate amount ($200 in full or $25 for installment payments) to Androscoggin Food Co-op – Membership, PO Box 430, Berlin, NH 03570. We will match your check to this online application. If you have chosen installment payments we will contact you to arrange for your next 7 monthly payments.
Please note that while your membership investment (your “member equity”) is potentially refundable, it is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

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So... you've decided to join your neighbors in bringing fresh, local food the the Androscoggin Valley. THANK YOU! Please complete this form to tell us about yourself.
  • Please let us know who has told you about the co-op and encouraged you to become a member.
  • We're happy you chose to invest in the Androscoggin Food Co-op today. Please tell us why you did!
  • Patronage Refunds, voting privileges, and the ability to request changes to my account are tied to the Primary Member-Owner of an account only and voting privileges are only available to Primary Member-Owners when their equity has been paid in full.
  • Member-Owners are responsible for maintaining an active membership in good standing. An “active membership in good standing” requires: 1) equity payments are current or paid in full; and 2) all contact information is current. If my membership is not active and in good standing for more than two consecutive years and the co-op is unable to contact me, my membership will be subject to forfeiture.
  • The rights and responsibilities required of me as a Primary (Voting) Member-Owner of this co-op, as they are outlined in the Co-op's bylaws (link available below).
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The bylaws of the Androscoggin Food Co-op are available for review by clicking here.

Thanks, and welcome to the Co-op!

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