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Community Vision

With the support and guidance of regional organizations and existing co-ops, we’ve developed a plan and tasks we need to complete to make this vision a reality. We have already accomplished several important initial steps aligned with the seven cooperative principles.

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What we've
already accomplished together:


We have become a legal entity, incorporated per NH’s Community Cooperative statutes.


We have a purposeful mission and vision for the co-op.


We have corporate bylaws for the organization.


We have secured grant funding to support the important organizing stage of co-op development.


We have built a community of +300 member-owners of the Androscoggin Food Co-op.

Board of

We have recruited dedicated volunteers and a hard-working, member-elected Board of Directors.

What we need to do next...

Getting the word out and recruiting more member-owners is at the top of our to-do list. We need more Androscoggin Valley residents and visitors who want to bring a full-service food co-op to the area to join over 300 of their friends and neighbors by becoming a member. The sooner we grow our members, the sooner we can start to search for a store location.

We’ll continue recruiting members through member drives and outreach, spreading the word about the Androscoggin Food Co-op on Social and print media, at local meetings, at Farmers Markets, and in your neighborhoods. Look for us and ask us, “What’s this I hear about a co-op?” Learn how you can become a member-owner. Join us in making it possible!

This Could be Ours

Published by Grocery Story Press. In This Could be Ours, author Jon Steinman brings together 270 images of consumer-owned grocery stores from across the US and Canada.

Take a look through the vibrant pages full of energy and examples to inspire us. For more information, visit

“I would like to support a more sustainable local food network and help improve our access to better foods.”


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