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There’s a lot to do to open a co-op grocery store. We have an organized To-Do list of tasks we need to complete to get there, and have already accomplished some important initial steps:
  • We have become a legal entity (incorporated)
  • We have a purposeful mission and vision for the co-op
  • We have corporate bylaws
  • We have recruited dedicated volunteers
  • We have secured grant funding to support the important organizing stage of co-op development
  • We have recruited 290 member-owners
  • We have a hard-working, member-elected Board of Directors
Getting the word out and recruiting more member-owners is at the top of our To-Do list. We need to see support from the community, people just like you, through member-ownership to get us to the next stage of cooperative development. As we move forward we will be spreading the word about the Androscoggin Food Co-op in the local media, at local meetings (as COVID allows), and in your neighborhood. Look for us and ask us, “What’s this I hear about a co-op?” Learn how you can become a member-owner. Join us in making it possible!
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